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NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!

AlertGuard Nano Alarm

by Haylo
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This essential DIY home security device protects you and your family from harm while deterring potential break-ins.

Compatible with anything that opens and closes, the AlertGuard Nano Alarm is versatile and affordable alarm anyone can use to: 

✅ Secure doors, windows, gun, liquor, and medicine cabinets from unauthorized access.
✅ Protect hotel rooms, rental homes, cabins, Airbnb apartments from intruders
✅ Prevent children and elderly from wandering or entering dangerous places in the home


The Nano Alarm is a magnetic sensor that:

  • Sounds an extremely loud 120-decibel alarm that can be heard up to 750 feet away when doors or windows are opened.
  • Alerts you immediately when a child gets into a dangerous cabinet or an intruder attempts to climb in through a window or enter a door.
  • Instantly deters would-be thieves and alerts neighbors to trouble


  • Works right out of the box. No finicky wires or screws to mess with. Stick it in place and walk away. It simply works!
  • Criminals hate it because it is wire-free (it can't be disabled & works perfectly during power outages).
  • Unlike other alarms that respond to vibration or sound, this model utilizes a magnetic bond (which means fewer false alarms).
  • Nano-sized. Under an inch in width and two inches in height, they’re less obvious around your home. Out of sight, but always standing by to keep you safe.

For homeowners seeking a simple method of securing their doors and windows, the Nano Alarm provides the peace of mind you deserve at home- and when you’re away.

PLUS it's very easy to install. Simply peel and stick the Nano Alarm to any door or window indoors.  

Shipping Information

  • USA Shipping 
  • Standard Ground 
  • Ships in 2 Business Day

Return Policy

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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