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NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!

Wow Fix It

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Wow Fit It Advantages

One of the many advantages of Wow Fix It is that after applying Wow Fix It  to your device it will create an invisible layer that will protect your device from scratches and scuffs for up to one year. This layer reaches the full hardness of 9H on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is a scale that characterizes scratch resistance, and is similar to Sapphire, Ruby or Corundum. Its almost as hard as a Diamond.

Effectively protects glass from scratching and chipping

The protective coating of Wow Fix It using the latest nanotechnology to protect your devices from scratches. It consists of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. These nanotechnology smooth the surface of the display and give it a hardness of 9H, which corresponds to the hardness of Sapphire or Ruby. Its invisible and effectively protects glass from scratching and chipping under extreme conditions. The nanoparticles also combine in a crystal lattice-like structure, forming one of the strongest chemical structures that can be achieved. This grid will ensure that the display remains tight and provides greater stability since the molecules hold together the protective layer. This allows the display to withstand impacts of up to 6kg. This does not guarantee that the display will never break, but the likelihood of a display break in the case of a simple dropping is significantly reduced.


  • Anti-bacterial - Wow Fix It is anti-bacterial / anti-microbial, which means it does not support the development of bacteria.
  • Bubble Free Protection - Utilizing Wow fix It technology, the Wow Fix It provides a resistive layer. Rather than a solid layer of plastic, it’s a liquid, there won’t be any annoying bubbles.
  • Improved Vividness - Plastic screen protectors destroy the vividness and clarity of your original screen. With Wow Fix It your smartphone’s screen is crystal clear, increase the vividness of your screen, its colors and brightness.
  • Invisible- As we are talking about Wow Fix It technology, therefore you can’t see with naked eye, so it's really like as to be nonexistent.
  • Scratch Resistant- A single drop of Wow Fix It Liquid Screen Protector applied to the screen of your smartphone, tablet or laptop makes the glass Ultra Scratch Resistant.

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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee