Haylo® Storm Stoppers

by Haylo
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The New and Easy 30-Second Solution That Keeps Your Home Protected Against Frustrating Water Damage

  • Haylo® Storm Stoppers absorbs, contains, and diverts problem flood water.
  • Activate when wet with no sand needed.
  • The inner absorbent turns to gel and creates a barrier that blocks and diverts additional water.
  • Grows to full 3-1/2" high in minutes.

Can be stacked like a pyramid as needed. Attached smaller wedge prevents the barrier from rolling out of position. Compact, lightweight, and quick and easy to deploy. No more filling sandbags. Leave in place for months of ongoing protection. Not for use with salt water. Use for flood control, erosion control, ballistic protection, water removers, ballasts, and more.

Be prepared and protect your home from flooding without lugging heavy sandbags around.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to set up in a hurry
  • Don't hurt your back setting up
  • Durable and can be left in place for 9 months
  • Easy to stack and create a higher flood barrier

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