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NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!
NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!


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Having a hard time finding the studs in your wall?  MagnetPal is easiest stud most accurate stud finder on the market!  Simply wave the MagnetPal over your wall (approx. 1” from the surface) until you feel the wall pull it out of your hand.  Once it pulls, it will “magically” guide the MagnetPal to the stud and stick to the wall! The MagnetPal has found the nail in the stud.  Next, simply guide the MagnetPal vertically and it will find the next nail in that stud, and so on. You will be amazed! No false readings, no batteries required, never wears out and never wrong!    Other amazing features; perfect way to hide your keys, never misplace drill bits, easily hang signs and artwork without nails, retrieve lost items from hard to reach places, magnetize your tool bag.

Product Details

  • Stud Finder
  • Tool Organizer
  • Handyman’s Tool of all trades
  • Drill Magnet to Store Screws
  • Tool Holder for Jeans
  • Quick Release Keychain
  • Hold Tools on a Ladder

Shipping Information

  • USA Shipping 
  • Standard Ground 
  • Ships in 2 Business Day

Return Policy

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
SKU:  106020401