The Original Boundery LED Safety Flare

The Original Safety Flare from Boundery is the #1 selling LED safety flare in America. This compact orange and white LED light emits 360 degrees of ultra-bright light from an array of 15 LEDs, visible from up to a mile away at night. With 9 flashing light patterns, including the U.S. Coast Guard-approved SOS (Morse Code) Mode and a static flashlight at the top of each unit, every motorist and outdoor enthusiast should carry these safety flares in their car and backpack at all times.

Product Details

  • Waterproof
  • Shatterproof to withstand drops from high distances
  • Crushproof up to 1,100 lbs (Yes, you really can drive your car over it!)
  • Shock and vibrations resistant
  • Ten year shelf life
  • LED Lifespan = 100,000 Hours
  • Magnetic backing attaches to metal surfaces
  • Compact for easy storage
  • 12 red/orange + 3 white LED lights
  • 9 Light Patterns
  • Run times = 20 to 60 hours, depending on mode
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Compact Dimensions = 3.95" diameter x 1.37" tall
  • Weight = 0.3 lbs (167 g )


How many do I need?
  • To properly protect yourself and your vehicle during a roadside emergency, we recommend you keep a minimum of one 6 pack in your vehicle at all times.
How long do they last?
  • Boundery Safety Flares have a 10-year shelf life, however, we recommend you check and replace the batteries on a regular scheduled when not in use.
What is the run time?
  • There are 9 run time variations:
  • Rotate: 20 hours
  • Quad Flash: 25 hours
  • Single Blink: 30 hours
  • Alternating Blink: 15 hours
  • SOS Rescue (Morse Code): 15 hours
  • Steady on High: 10 hours
  • Steady on Low: 60 hours
  • 4 LED Flashlight: 20 hours
  • Top LED Flashlight: 20 hours
How do I install the batteries?
  • Remove the screws from the back of unit
  • While holding the unit in both hands, use the index fingers on the two small tabs located on the back of the unit. The tabs are small protrusions of the clear plastic casing, located at 10:30 and 2:30 o'clock, between the 10:00-11:00 and 1:00-200 o'clock orange protrusions. Because of the water resistant casing, the seal of the unit can be difficult to open.
  • Once the seal is broken, pull the back of the unit off.
  • Insert the batteries
  • Re-position the backing on the unit and replace the screws firmly.
  • Your Safety Flare is now ready to go!

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