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NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!
NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!

The Original Haylo® LED Safety Flare

Product FAQ's

Yes, Haylo is an American product that only has 2 authorized distributors. If you buy a Haylo product from anywhere except a Boundery store or then it is not an authorized Haylo product and the warranty isn’t valid. If you buy a Haylo product on from anyone except Boundery then it is not a genuine Haylo product.

Yes, you can drive over it and it is guaranteed to withstand up to 1,100 lbs and it will take the abuse that police, firefighters, and first responders put it through. So go ahead and put the Haylo Safety Flare to work, because it will work hard for you and if you find its breaking point then send it back for a replacement. Just tell us how you did it!

Be the judge for yourself. If your Haylo Safety Flare does not outlast any competitor then return it for a free replacement. 3-LED flashlight (white): 6 hours Double-blink: 9 hours Double-pulse: 9 hours Single-blink: 38 hours Rotate: 9 hours SOS Help (morse code): 15 hours Alternating: 9 hours Solid-on high: 5 hours Solid-on low: 28 hours 2-LED flashlight (red): 9 hours

Unlike other road flares that require unique and expensive batteries, the Haylo Safety Flare uses 3 AAA batteries to save you money and make it easy to always be ready when you need it. Battery: requires 3 AAA per unit

The Haylo Safety Flare is visible up to 1 mile 360°

LED Quantity: 15 (12 Red, 3 White)