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NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!
NEW YEAR SALE!! Use Code: HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF!

Lifeproof LED Deck Lights


Great Design:

This path light is suitable for all kinds of environment, and can make your garden or any other outdoor location more fashionable and pleasing.

High Efficiency And Long Lifetime:

Compared to other solar power battery, ours is more than 500mAh, with only 8-10 hours charging time in the daytime.

It can turn on automatically under terrible weather or at dusk and light up for more than 12 hours.


The frame is made of aluminum alloy And the light is IP68 water-proof, is durable under all kinds of terrible weather conditions.

The batteries are replaceable:

For best results the battery should be replaced every 12 months.

1.Turn the switch to off on the back of the unit and remove the 2 screws.

2.Replace the battery with a new 1.2v Ni-MH AAA rechargeable battery.

3.Re-assemble and turn the battery switch to auto.

4.Allow the solar deck light to receive a full 24 hours of sunlight so the rechargeable battery can reach maximum capacity.