Magnetic Mini Worklight XP


Magnetic Mini Worklight XP

73 Reviews

This Handy Magnetic 'Use Anywhere' Wireless Worklight Helps You Keep The Lights ON... Even Where There Isn't Electricity

What Is The Magnetic Mini Worklight XP?

The ultra-portable, expandable and wireless Magnetic Mini Worklight XP gives any family ALL of the lighting it needs...

Where power outlets can't be found...and even when there's no electricity!

So instead of untangling nests of wires...OR turning on a noisy, smoke-belching generator...

Just snap 2 or 3 of these magnetic work lights together to illuminate your surroundings... in the press of a button.

The rugged wireless Magnetic Mini Worklight XP provides precision LED lighting.


  • Compact, lightweight, configurable
  • Ultra-bright COB led lights
  • Portable, durable and easy to use
  • Wall-to-wall light without cords
  • Professional-grade quality at low wholesale direct price

Magnetic Mini Worklight XP

The Magnetic Mini Worklight XP makes it easy to take a powerful floodlight anywhere you go.  

It doesn't matter if you are off the grid, in the wilderness, camping...

Having a party in your backyard or hosting a tailgate party outside the stadium...  

The Magnetic Mini Worklight XP is the perfect tool for the job when you need a quick and easy way to light up a large area...

But don't have access to electricity.

Just position the adjustable stand to the desired position, attach 2 or 3 'in a click' and you're set!

No cords needed... no more mess!

"I bought this light after seeing my mechanic buddy using them. I like to do my own oil changes
but it's dirty work. Now I stick 2 Mini Worklights underneath the car.
No cords needed and no more mess!"

Kurt Yorkton
Surprisingly bright!

"This magnetic floodlight is surprisingly bright! I'm a plumber and stick 2 or 3 together every day for mistake-free pipe fixes"

Joe Grenada
Dad's eyes lit up when he saw these!

"I bought 4 of these for Father's Day and my Dad's eyes lit up when he saw them in use.
They're water resistant too."

Forrest Hughes


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