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These Silicone Scrubbers are specially designed for mild scrubbing. It's a great addition for various cleaning chores, especially when you are bothered about scratches and damages caused by harsh cleaning.

Why Use These Silicone Scrubbers?

Have you ever found out that your beautiful and polish kitchenware was destroyed by ugly scratches? Have you been sick of endless rinsing soapy water and foam off from dishcloth during dishwashing?

These scrubbers feature on flexible & soft silicone bristles and non-water absorbent. They greatly fit for cleaning jobs that you want to slightly scrub dirt off without leaving any scratches, scrapes or getting hurts.

Easy to Clean

Easy to rinse off, keep clean, and won't get smelly. You can simply wash them into a dishwasher every now and then.

Heat-resistant and Durable

They can be used as nice trivets or pot grabbers if necessary.

Wash Veggies and Fruit

With soft bristles they can gently wipe dirt from vegetable and fruit without hunting the skin and the appearance.

Clean Sink and Tub

Fill your sink or tub with soapy water and soak for a while, then you can wipe off stains and make you sink/tub squeaky clean.

Remove Pet Hair

Effectively remove dog or cat hair from your sofa and clothes. The flexible bristles work great to pick up pet hair.

  • Food-grade silicone scrubber; high quality heat resistant silicone; antibacterial silicone dishwashing brush, BPA-free, FDA-approved, LFGB standard.
  • Use it for light washing; soft and bendable enough to clean irregular kitchen ware; non-abrasive; lightweight; easy to clean and carry; dishwasher safe and dry faster!
  • Safer to use - won’t absorb water; mildew free; improve kitchen hygiene. With flexible and soft silicone bristles, easily reach the corners of irregular-shaped objects. Note: can't be used to clean counter.
  • Easy to clean - Simply rinse or put kitchen scrubber in dishwasher; hanging loop design for convenient storage. With bright color and cute shape, silicone sponges are delightful kitchen decoration accessories.
  • High heat resistant silicone scrubber - wide temperature range design: from -60℃ to 230℃ (-76℉ to 500℉). carry hot bowl or pot without hand burning. Nice heat resistant coaster, heat insulation pads, Mat, gloves.

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